The two-seat Robinson 22 helicopter is a proven workhorse that has delivered exceptional performance in a variety of applications for over thirty years. Ideal training machine

The Robinson 44 is a 4 seater helicopter and an ideal machine to either complete your PPL/CPL Licence or transition to after the Robinson 22 or Cabri G2. It has the addition of the two extra seats to take friends out for a trip or maybe away with the partner for the weekend.

The Bell 505 Jetranger X is the newest generation Single Engine Turbine helicopter offering high levels of speed, performance, reliability and features the latest digital engine control and a fully integrated Garmin Glass cockpit flight deck system. The Bell 505 is configured with five seats and a spacious baggage compartment, and large rear cabin windows and a wrap-around windscreen, providing excellent visibility for both pilot and passengers. A great machine to learn on or perhaps you may want to purchase one.

How about the B206 Jetranger a five seater Turbine helicopter. Take yourself to a new level and learn to fly a turbine helicopter as a new rating in addition to others that you may have on your existing licence.